BOOTIE-BUDDY TM                           Meditation Chair &     
   Patents and Trademarks Pending
                                    Dual Purpose
                                                                          Pelvic Exercise Platform

Train Without Strain! Besides creating a unique mechanical  leverage to relieve pressure on the lower back, the Bootie-Buddy provides the perfect path to strong abs , a solid core & back, as well as, a firm hard Bootie. Make the force be with you!

Nashua, NH and Martha's Vineyard

Manufacturers and developers of a unique set of  ergo-exercise products
which is designed, "To Fit,"  the load bearing geometry of the skeletal anatomy
and is the concept of designer, inventor Ken Lay. (A method of loading the skeleton
via specific pathways.)

This concept began more than 35 years ago,  with a simple premise.
"If gravity is destroying us, why can't we reverse it and make gravity rebuild us,
regenerate us and even restore us?"

Well that' is exactly what the products produced by Posture Health Products, in fact, accomplish.

The secret is in the bones and in a simple mantra. The bones are the frame. They are the rigid load bearing structure of the body. When the frame is, "off," everything is "off."

The mantra, "The earth is pushing up on you!" holds the key. As hard as gravity is pushing down on you, conversely the earth is pushing up equally from underneath you.
But there is another dimension to these forces and that's the good news. The forces originating from the earth can be multiplied to far overcome those forces originating from above. And that is where the restoring (healing) takes place. But now lets have some fun.

It is the result of more than 35 years of effort,
"Designing, Refining and Redefining" to create the most advanced,
most effective system of training which works to directly solve and resolve
skeletal alignment issues, (aka. postural abnormalities).

The BOOTIE-BUDDY.., dual purpose pelvic exercise platform. The key to strong abs, a solid core, and a firm Booty.

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