BOOTIE-BUDDY TM                           Meditation Chair &     
   Patents and Trademarks Pending
                                    Dual Purpose
                                                                          Pelvic Exercise Platform

Train Without Strain! Besides creating a unique mechanical  leverage to relieve pressure on the lower back, the Bootie-Buddy provides the perfect path to strong abs , a solid core & back, as well as, a firm hard Bootie. Make the force be with you!

Hi folks my name is Skinny.. As you may have guessed, I have been on a diet lately. I used to be just skin and bones but now I don't have to worry about getting sunburns, any more.


An important thing to note is that bones are stiff, solid, ridgid members which comprise the skeleton, "the frame of the body." Just as the frame of a house, the skeleton is the load bearing structure of the body. Note too, when the frame is "off" everything is "off."


As I said, it is important to note that bones have a solid durometer.  Being of solid mass, forces travel continuously through the rigid frame of the skeleton, just like electricity traveling through a solid wire. If the wire gets cut or frayed tranmission is compromised. Conversely when the skeleton becomes distorted, the path of the forces is interrupted and compromised. 

Our approach to the structural health of the body actually involves using forces that originate from the ground. The forces that we use to re-shape, re-align and re-conditio and and re-organize the body's frame actually originate beneath our feet. What is sometimes difficult to understand is, that when you stand on the earth, "The Earth is Pushing Back Up on You"

Optimally, we then take those forces and shoot them upwards along specific pathways to counteract the downward forces of gravity. With our products and strategy the negative forces of gravity can be reversed at will. Please understand, that this process is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Hello again, This is a picture of my hips. The hips or pelvic girdle, obviously, is the key intersection between the upper and lower halves of the body.

An interesting mechanical characteristic of the pelvic area is that given a slight rotation, forward or backwards, ones entire skeletal orientation shifts. What's more important to note is, that the pivot point for all forward / backward rotation of the pelvis is in the center of the socket joint of the femur bone (the acetabulum).


Then, by definition wherever there is rotation about an axis there must be a lever arm. Find that and find the pot of gold! Well it (the lever arm) is there and it is almost screaming out loud, "Look at me!"

That lever arm actually stands out like a big button. (More specifically two buttons, one left, one right.) These buttons are called the anterior superior iliac spines. Pushing or pulling on these points will rotate the pelvis forward or backwards thereby causing the entire skeleton to, "Shift."


You may be asking, "What does this have to do with the Bootie-Buddy." (Well, thanks for asking.)The bottom of the Bootie-Buddy has a channel and an "I"-beam. The two lever arms of the hips (anterior superior iliac spines) are supported on either side by flat surfaces of the "I"-beam while the pelvic bone rotates and passes through the channel / passageway.


This action creates a new pivot point at the head of the pelvis which improves pelvic stability and expands mobility of the pelvic bone far beyond its normal limitations, resulting in increased strength and mobility to the entire body, geometrically.


As your skeletal alignment shifts, your body will move with greater ease, strength and mobility. 

Lastly, regarding pelvic mobility and pelvic thrusting exercises which affect ones entire biomechanical function, now due to the unique geometry of  the Bootie-Buddy, they can be accomplished without strain or discomfort to ones delicate anatomy! Needless to say, the benefits of improved pelvic mobility will affect function in all areas of your lifestyle.  

The BOOTIE-BUDDY.., dual purpose pelvic exercise platform. The key to strong abs, a solid core and a firm Booty.

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