BOOTIE-BUDDY TM                           Meditation Chair &     
   Patents and Trademarks Pending
                                    Dual Purpose
                                                                          Pelvic Exercise Platform

Train Without Strain! Besides creating a unique mechanical  leverage to relieve pressure on the lower back, the Bootie-Buddy provides the perfect path to strong abs , a solid core & back, as well as, a firm hard Bootie. Make the force be with you!
Out Riggers

  There is an occupation that exists, which is called rigging. This profession has nothing to do with fishing, in contrast, it has everything to to do with building staging and often temporary structures.

  What is important to note is, whatever these individuals (riggers) build. It often involves "stays" (or outriggers) of some sort. These "stays" are diagonal connections to the ground. Sometimes they are flexible like cables and sometimes they are ridgid like pipes or tubing.

  The "stays" keep the staging or structure from falling over. They also give that structure the ability to sway if needed and still maintain its integrity.
 Interestingly, the fact that they (the "stays") are diagonal connections to the ground is what creates to the stability of the structure. This very unique system of support is what is created by using the Bootie-Buddy.

  Put simply, once the pelvis is lifted above the surface of the ground, bench or wide seat pan the mechanical advantage of your arms is increased. Your arms, then act as, "Out Riggers," they become both rigid and flexible support "Stays" which allow your entire upper body to be supported and more importantly, allow it to sway off itís center axis. The stability and movement created by the support system of your arms has gigantic effects on in pelvic mobility and strength in the core.  Then your body's entire, macro range of motion is increased dimensionally.

  The benefits of this process are gigantic.
Pushing Back
   In high school you may have had a science teacher who told you, "When you push against the wall the wall pushes back." And you, as well as many others, thought, "Who's in the wall, pushing back."

  Well, unfortunately, that teaching model created a great disservice to mechanical energy, and how it interacts with material objects. A better and more simple way to describe it would have been; If a wall can hold 100 pounds and you push with 50 pounds, the wall will push back against your hand. However, if you push with 150 pounds, the wall will fall over.

  This is important to note because whatever we push against that doesn't fall over will, in fact, push back against us. (Provided that the durometer of the object as enough integrity to withstand compression. Note, the efficiency rate, of the forces being reflected back from the object is being pushed, is a consequence of that object's durometer or compression potential.) 

  Simply put pillows, cushions etc. absorb forces while walls, floors and rigid objects like the Bootie-Buddy "Reflect forces." This is a crucial element because with too much compression (or force absorption) the mechanical forces that could be, "strengthening and rebuilding," the body are compromised and are in fact eak down and destroying the body. 

  So for yoga practitioners, while bolsters and pillows may be comforting at times, they offer little, to no biomechanical input onto the rigid support structure of the skeleton.

  As a result, the Bootie-Buddy is far superior than any cushion, pillow or bolster for lifting the hips above a surface.

The BOOTIE-BUDDY.., dual purpose pelvic exercise platform. The key to strong abs, a solid core and a firm Booty.

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