BOOTIE-BUDDY TM                           Meditation Chair &     
   Patents and Trademarks Pending
                                    Dual Purpose
                                                                          Pelvic Exercise Platform

Train Without Strain! Besides creating a unique mechanical  leverage to relieve pressure on the lower back, the Bootie-Buddy provides the perfect path to strong abs , a solid core & back, as well as, a firm hard Bootie. Make the force be with you!

"Trainer Ken," certified personal trainer.

Mantras- "GRAVITY IS PUSHING UP ON YOU!" Apply this knowledge this and empower yourself.

Background- Student of;  Tae Kwon Do, dance, yoga, anatomy, exercise physiology, mechanical engineering and weight training.

Focus- The focus is to alter ones “skeletal alignment” and “skeletal efficiency” to vastly improve a person's mobility, simply, effectively and gently. The goal is to redirect gravity along specific pathways to cause a "skeletal shift" .

Process Name- "LOAD THE BONES"  is a simple phrase which means  introducing the force of gravity through specific “Entry Points” on the skeleton. These forces then travel along specific pathways to alter ones shape, ones form, ones structure. What makes this process unique is, that it is minimally  physically taxing. In fact, it is often very invigorating.

Think about people who have had substantial weight loss (and congratulations to all of  them) however, their postural shape seldom changes. Unfortunately they have a similar alignment to that prior to the weight loss, only thinner. In order for them to progress further the frame must shift. The  frame is everything! When the frame is off everything is off!

This process is entirely different  from all other forms of training because, while other modalities focus on the muscle conditioning to alter ones skeletal alignment, this approach sends forces directly through the skeletal system on specific pathways to alter ones alignment almost automatically. Specialized apparatus are used including but not limited to the Bootie-Buddy, the Tiger-Clawz , the Bootie-Lifter and other modalities such as restorative yoga techniques as well as a unique process which expands ones pelvic mobility.

You will be receiving the latest, most advanced, cutting edge training program and direction available.

Training sessions are now being scheduled for fall of 2009.  Should you have interest in one of the training sessions, please email  and request a schedule. Times and space are limited.

Please understand- The Bootie-Buddy plays a vital role in this entire process and the benefits of the Bootie-Buddy alone are substantial. This is a device that you should not be without.


Best health always.

Trainer Ken

The BOOTIE-BUDDY.., dual purpose pelvic exercise platform. The key to strong abs, a solid core, and a firm Booty.

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